Presentation of the 14th issue of CIVICUS was held at TSU

On October 26, presentation of the 14th issue of the online edition CIVICUS was held at Tbilisi State University. The issue is devoted to the main problems and challenges of Tbilisi urban policy. 

Tamar Karaia, an executive director of the Civic Education Lecturers Association opened and meeting. She talked about the main objectives and importance of this edition. After that, the event was moderated by Mariam Guliashvili, editor of CIVICUS. She together with the presenters, discussed the urban problems of the city. Presenters were, Joseph Alexander Smith – majoritarian candidate of Tbilisi Central Saburtalo during the local self-government elections and Giorgi Babunashvili, director of “Urban Lab”. They have discussed the problems of Tbilisi transport system and cycling infrastructure. The meeting was attended by the other presenters as well. They have introduced their articles to the audience. They have discussed the topics such as world’s best examples of city management, challenges of urbanization, movie reviews and photo stories connected to this issue. 

After the presentation, the discussion on “Main challenges of Tbilisi urban policy” was held during the meeting.

The event was made possible with the financial support of USAID in the framework of the project Strengthening Electoral Processes (SEP), implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

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