The Civic Education Lecturers Association (CELA) was founded on April 16, 2014. However, as a professional network, CELA has been around much longer.  In 2011, with the support of a USAID program within the framework of ITEP, IFES initiated a course on Democracy and Citizenship at 6 institutions of higher education in Georgia. Later, the course has been launched at other 16 Georgian  universities. The need for the course arose as a result of a lack of civic education courses at Georgian higher education institutions. In four years, the teaching of the Democracy and Citizenship course has succeeded in raising civic engagement among the students through student projects and other related activities that have positively impacted local communities.

Clearly, it is important to continue supporting this course at universities as well as to maintain and institutionalize the existing network of civic education lecturers in order to share knowledge and best practices to the wider public. In this regard, based on the existing contacts between the educators teaching the Democracy and Citizenship course, it was decided to form the Civic Education Lecturers Association. CELA unites lecturers from almost all Georgian institutions of higher education, which, in turn, can contribute to further growth and development of the Association.