The topic of the thirteenth issue will be the constitution and constitutional arrangement.

This issue of CIVICUS is about the United States of America. The authors discuss the peculiarities of the American political system and the uniqueness of the US presidential institution, hippies, the formation of music trends, migration, the transformation of English language, fight against racism, materials on literature and education system.

The eleventh issue of Civicus is about the transformation of values.

The tenth issue of Civicus is about regional development. In this issue, the authors talk about their experience in the regions, problems and situation they saw there. You will also be introduced to the articles about local self-government and the topic of regional development from different perspectives.

The ninth issue of CIVICUS is about peace. Here you can read the ideas of Johan Galtung on positive and negative peace, articles about the first female Nobel peace laureate, interview with Nino Nanitashvili, you will be introduced to photo-history and other interesting materials.