Roundtable on “Teaching Civic Education: Achievements, Problems and Challenges” was held at NATO and EU Info Center

On May 22, CELA organized the roundtable on “Teaching Civic Education: Achievements, Problems and Challenges”, which was hosted by NATO & EU Info Center.

The event was held in the frames of European Days and numerous local and international organizations, who are working on civic education topic participated in the roundtable. Participants talked about the importance of coordination of civic education and discussed achievements and biggest challenges that they face nowadays in this field in Georgia.

The roundtable meeting is annual and has been conducted three years in a row. The event aims to summarise the topics and issues that have been accumulated between the meetings in the field of civic education. The roundtable meetings give opportunity to the organisations, groups and people to share their experiences and opinions with each other, to set up action strategies, to promote cooperation and to develop a network in this field.

The event was held by CELA and made possible with the support of USAID in the framework of the project Strengthening Electoral Processes (SEP), implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).